Communities & Parents

Communities and Parents Essential Safeguarding

We hold informal community workshops to dispel the myths about domestic abuse and encourage neighbours and communities to contact support agencies or the police if they are worried that someone is at risk.

Using a multi-media performance “Black Eyes and Cottage Pie” to explore why people feel unable to leave abusive relationships we start the conversation about safe and healthy relationships.

Using the strap line “What if I’m Right” – we educate people on the facts about domestic abuse, how domestic abuse impacts on the victim and victim’s family and how they can support everyone to keep safe in their community.

Crimes of domestic abuse continue to escalate and reporting to the police has increased significantly. We want reporting to continue but we also want community groups to safely challenge unhealthy relationships.

We also work with parents to raise their awareness of teenage abusive relationships, controlling and coercive behaviours, consent,  youth produced sexual imagery and sexting through the multi media performance and signpost them to support services.