Knowledge Assessments

Keeping Children Safe in Education – statutory guidance for schools and colleges, published in September 2016 by the Department of Education states “all staff should have an awareness of safeguarding issues”.

Working in partnership with The Grey Matter Group Essential Safeguarding have developed 20 unique safeguarding and child protection on-line assessments that evidence knowledge, understanding and practice. Our assessments are an easy to use tool that measures and records knowledge. We are then able to identify gaps in knowledge, design needs led content and deliver bespoke training to ensure staff are equipped, confident and competent to deal with child protection concerns.

All organisations in contact with children and vulnerable adults will find the knowledge assessments invaluable to raise awareness of abuse and neglect.

The Knowledge Assessments are:

Child Sexual Exploitation


Mental Health


Fabricated Illness

Self Harm

Sexual Abuse


Physical Abuse

Emotional Abuse

Youth Produced Sexual Imagery and Sexting


Substance Misuse

Faith Abuse

Honour Based Violence

Sexually Harmful Behaviour

Forced Marriage

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse within Intimate Teenage Relationships