Early Years

Essential Safeguarding Early Years Teaching

All children need to know how to build positive healthy relationships and recognise behaviours that might be harmful.  We want to start this conversation with children as soon as possible and work with their parents and the teachers and professionals caring for them so no opportunities are missed.

Using the Early Years Foundation Goals, Essential Safeguarding have developed key resources in the prime areas of Making Relationships and Managing Feelings and Behaviour.

Focusing on the child development stages: Toddler, Pre -School and Nursery our sessions focus on key areas that support practitioners to safely explore with children topics such as below for example:

  • Who am I?
  • Who is special to me?
  • Do we all look the same?

Our teaching consultants use the Next Steps for Learning Method to evidence children’s progress and identify children who may need further support.

We deliver three half-day ‘Train the Trainer ‘sessions to build capacity and understanding amongst staff groups and model techniques for engaging parents as part of the process. Parents often see nursery settings as safe spaces and staff need to feel confident and competent to reach out to parents who might be in abusive relationships.

The training is split into three half days

Phase 1
  • Staff training on domestic abuse and the impact on children’s learning and development
  • How to use the resources and start the conversation with children and parents
Phase 2
  • To review how the resource has been used in your setting
  • To support staff with any difficulties using the resource
Phase 3
  • Embed and secure the resource within your setting to support children learn positive ways to communicate and develop good relationships for the future