Primary Schools

Primary School Essential Safeguarding

Using The Women’s Aid Expect Respect* Resources accredited by the PSHE Association and the Next Steps for Learning Model, Essential Safeguarding deliver training to practitioners in primary schools to support children develop respectful relationships and alternative ways of communicating. School is where children learn how to interact with others and work together. The Resources:

  • Challenge children’s assumptions about gender, power and equality
  • Change beliefs about men and women
  • Help children manage their feelings and accept responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Guide children to spot the signs of abusive and non-abusive relationships
  • Evidence how much children have made a shift in learning from the lesson
  • Encourage involvement with parents

A consistent message of zero tolerance to violence and abuse is promoted across the school and children learn how to resolve conflict. It helps children to understand that violence and abuse within families is unacceptable. Schools are in a unique position to help children make sense of their own lives and provide a safe space for children to learn about keeping safe.

Our teaching consultants and CAADA trained social workers deliver a three half day training on the use of the resource to support schools to embed the resources across the year groups and train staff so they are confident and competent to deliver the topics and respond to any disclosures.

*The Expect Respect Toolkit is a free resource available on line on